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Museum progress animations

In April of 2023 I made three five second short animations to send off to various museums, cultural bodies etc as a way of gaining interest and showing most of the steps needed to make even a small piece of animation.

I decided that each short would be done at a different frame rate too it is much easier to show the difference between animation on 8's 4's 3's 2's than to describe it to those unfamiliar with the 2D animation 

This animation is based on stone of Destiny at Scone Palace. For centuries the stone had been the object that all Scottish kings and queens were coronated on until it was stolen by the English and kept in Westminster Abbey. With plans for it to be returned to Perths new museum.
(Although a personal theory of mine, I 
believe the real stone was tossed into the Tay long ago for its own protection.)
This animation is based on the writer and poet born and raised in Perth, William Soutar. He is mostly known for his use of Scots over English and being the subject of the strange statue in Perths city centre of two men balancing a ring between each other.
This animation is based on the legendary battle of the North Inch where the clans Chattan and Davidson settled a dispute. A Chattan man fled across the river Tay in fear. The space was taken up by a hunchbacked blacksmith named Henry Gobh. Henry single-handedly defeated the Davidsons and earned himself land near Dunkeld. An ancestor of Perthshires Smiths, Goves and Gows.
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