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About me
Welcome to Studio Puddock. Studio Puddock has been animating educational
historically focussed and entertaining animated short films since 2021 for clients such as Dunkeld Community Archive, Museum Galleries Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland.

Based in Scotland, Studio Puddock's focus often goes to Scottish history and subject matter. Local heroes, mythical creatures and the beauty of Scotland's environment and culture. 

Studio Puddock is currently just myself, Steven Goodison. In 2021 I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art) in Illustration and Animation and completed my graduation film 'Wee Shadows'. I have gone on to work with a couple of Scottish cultural bodies but most closely with Dunkeld Community Archive. Being the artistic lead for 'The caretaker project'.

The house style of Studio Puddock is 2D hand drawn animation in a cartoony art style. Although the style can be changed ever so slightly depending on the needs of the project.

Studio Puddock gets its name from the Scots word for frog 'Puddock'.
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